Pricing your Property for Sale

Homes and Investment Property in the Lower Mainland

As your real estate Agent I will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that includes information on competitive listings and properties that have recently sold. This information will be obtained from the local MLS listing service.

I will:

    * evaluate your property's lot size and location
    * appraise your property's condition, size, age and improvements
    * review your assessments, and taxes
    * determine the best selling features to attract potential buyers
    * suggest any repairs or changes to be made prior to marketing

I will suggest an optimum price range for your property, based on my research and the recent sales of similar properties. With my proven track record and expert knowledge, I will suggest pricing that will accurately position your property for market dominance.

Today's buyers are comparison shoppers and will shy away from properties that are listed too high. They too will have access to the same market data as you have been provided with.

Listing above the market will more than likely sell your neighbour's property and not yours; or at the very least prevent Buyers from even visiting your listing.

I will tell you "what you need to know" instead of what you may "want to hear".

In the end, it is still your choice for pricing.

Disclosing the Facts

You will be asked to sign a Property Condition Disclosure Statement at the time of listing your property. You are responsible for the accuracy of your answers as this will become part of the Contract of Purchase and Sale with a Buyer.

The Buyer will be encouraged to have the property inspected by an independent building Inspector to their satisfaction as well.

Preparing your property for Sale

Take time to view your home through a potential Buyer's eyes and attend to all the minor items that need to be repaired.

Buyers are not emotionally involved in your investment. They will notice the stains on the ceiling or the tap that is dripping. They will notice the "curb appeal" of a clean and landscaped yard, welcoming entrance and lack of clutter.

I will walk through your home and make suggestions as to minor fix ups. As well, I will take pictures of the inside and outside of your property for marketing purposes. Buyers will view these pictures on my web site and receive them by email. My fellow Realtors will receive them by email as well in order to forward them to their customers.

My goal is to:

   1. Position your property at the top of the "to see" list
   2. Guarantee that your own roots will be transplanted sooner rather than later
   3. Protect your investment

Looking forward to assisting you with the sale of your home!